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Marriage Financial Tips

There are some other important issues to consider through your life time. We will investigate and discuss some of these over the next few weeks starting with differences in marriage contracts.Taking you through different marriage financial tips. – THERE ARE 3 BASIC MARRIAGE CONTRACTS. Consider which one you would like to govern your marriage and […]

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Six important financial desicions 30 year olds make that could come back to haunt them in their 50s

1. THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR. There are many things to consider when choosing a job, but the retirement benefits offered are vital to wealth-building in the long term. A 30-year-old who doesn’t carefully research his or her benefits and chooses to work for a company with no company match or retirement contribution could be […]

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Financial Planning In Your 20s

1. UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR MONEY WORKS. In your 20’s you should begin to understand how your money works and learn how to budget. Promote good spending habits that will hold you in good stead. This is also the time to acquire skills which you will use to earn an income. 2. THINK ABOUT GENERATING INCOME […]

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10 Smart Retirement Moves to Make in Your 20’s

1. GET A GRIP ON COMPOUND INTEREST. Understanding the power of compound interest can give you more motivation to save early and often. For example, let’s assume you start putting R416, 00 per month (R5000, 00 a year) in a tax-deferred retirement account that earns an average of 8 percent per year. Save for 40 years, and […]

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What is debt review?

When you apply for debt counselling, your debt counsellor will do a basic assessment which will give you some idea of the instalment you will be paying while in the program. This is an interim instalment which you are required to pay to your creditors until the proposal is completed or your new instalment set […]

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Banking for children

ABSA Bank ABSA provided Personal Finance with the following information about their banking for children accounts aimed at the under-18 market: Absa Bank – MegaU is a transactional savings account designed for under-18s. You need at least R10 to open an account. The account has a debit card. You can also bank by cellphone. MegaU […]

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Basics of Investing

Collective investments like Unit Trusts have lots of advantages. You require far less money to buy them, you can invest small amounts on a regular basis, you are spreading risk across a number of companies or different types of assets, and the dividends and interest can be added back into the investment to make them grow […]

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Drawing up a budget can seem more like a penance to your children than something constructive. It is up to you, as a parent, to make it fun. Children need to understand that a budget is basically a saving and spending plan. The emphasis should be on saving and not on spending. They need to know […]

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