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Debt Consolidation Loans South Africa

debt consolidation loans south africa

Consolidate your debt into one easy payment!

We can reduce your combined monthly instalments by up to 60%. This is done via a negotiation process, referring to Section 86 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.

It is important to remember that Debt Consolidation loans in South Africa carry a long term of repayment and a very high interest rate. It may provide you with temporary relief, but it has negative long term effects as it costs you a lot at the end of the term.

Rather look at the positive effect that debt review will have on your pocket and on your credit profile.

Rather consolidate your payments into one easy payment and reap the benefits of reduced interest rates for the remainder of your debt repayments.

Below is an example of what debt consolidation loans in South Africa would cost you:


Your Creditors


Current Amount

New Amount

African Bank Loan

R 32 232.00

R 1 200.24

R 1 200.24

African Bank Credit Card

R 23 545.00

R 876.76

R 876.76

FNB Loan

R 18 100.00

R 993.48

R 674.00

FNB Credit Card

R 12 333.00

R 633.74

R 459.25

Bayport Loan

R 8 432.00

R 830.75

R 313.99

Capfin Loan

R 4 568.00

R 899.98

R 170.10

Wonga Payday loan

R 3 000.00

R 3 150.00

R 111.71

Foschini Group

R 4 525.00

R 801.03

R 168.50


R 2 789.00

R 493.72

R 103.86


R 2 956.00

R 523.28

R 110.07


R 112 480.00

R 10 402.98

R 4 188.48

  1. Your credit profile and scoring has to be good in order to qualify for this option.
  2. All your accounts are settled in full. You only pay R4188.48 to one company per month for 48 months.
  3. This means lower monthly installment as all your debt is spread over a longer period.
  4. It does not necessarily mean a lower interest rate.
  5. Not damaging to your credit report as long as you pay this installment.

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